Download Kingoroot For PC Windows (7/8/8.1/10) & Mac

Rooting is a privileged kingo superuser permission to customize your android system files and another default application comes preloaded with your Android Phone by default. Getting root permission into an Android OS as a super user is simply a difficult task and risky one always. But, Kingoroot app made it simplest for you. Now you can have the administrative privilege into your Android Phone just like in your Windows PC to alter, install, and uninstall applications by using Kingoroot for PC.

Download Kingoroot For PC and Mac iOS:

For example, the capacity of your phone’s internal storage is 5GB only and you have only 10% free space after installing some application into it by downloading.  It may be that some of your pre-installed applications have no further use for you. Now, you must be trying to uninstall the same to have some more free space for your internal storage. But, you can’t uninstall or remove any of the pre-installed application Kingoroot apk or features until and unless you have the access into your system with root permission as an administrator to customize your default applications. Rooting will grant you that access.

kingoroot apk for pc

Access into Android OS from Windows PC:

Kingoroot for PC is a powerful tool which is developed superbly to gain the control over your Android Phone System by connecting your Android Phone to your Windows PC via USB. Kingoroot is free. Step By Step Instruction For Beginners.

Step 1; Downloading and Installing Kingoroot (PC) into Windows PC

  1. Just click on the URL below or copy and paste it to your PC Browser address bar
  2. You can see there are two separate option of Downloading in the Webpage opened
  3. Available on CNET Download
  4. Download from FTP on Kingo


  1. Choose CNET Download, click on it
  2. it will redirect to a new tab page or web page.
  3. Find the “Download Now” button on that web page newly opened
  4. Click on it
  5. By clicking on it a new dialogue box will open automatically.
  6. Click on the “Save File” button now. It will start the download and save the “android_root_other.exe” in your PC/Browser download location.
  7. After completion of the download run the Exe file
  8. Follow the instruction on screen step by step to complete the installation


  1. Choose “Download from FTP on Kingo” Click on it
  2. It will open a new dialogue box automatically. Click on the “Save File” button now on the newly opened dialogue box.
  3. It will save a small .exe file named “Kingoroot.exe” into your PC/Browser download location.
  4. Open the file location and Double click on the Exe file you have just downloaded.
  5. Run it. “Kingo root exe”
  6. It will open a new dialogue box automatically. It will start to download online
  7. Follow the Instruction step by step for online installation of Kingoroot

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device

USB Debugging mode enabled is a necessary step of Android rooting process. Use the Developer Option under Settings menu of your phone. Enable USB Debugging mode. It may vary and depend on your phone model and Android version you are using. Do a little research to know your phone options better.

Step 3: Connecting your Android device into your Windows PC via USB Cable and Start  ROOTING

  1. Plug your Android device into your computer via USB cable.
  2. Kingo will install the Android device driver automatically if it is not already installed
  • Make sure you are online to automatic download the exact driver file
  1. On Windows 8 PCs you can encounter with some driver issue. Retry it.
  2. After successful installation of your Android Device Driver ROOTING will start automatically.
  3. When prompted click on the ROOT button to complete the rooting
  • Follow the instruction carefully